Adding an image to the HYPERSTEELPAGEHEADER in Autodesk Advance Steel 2020

If the image is attached as an Xref or an attachment, the image must always be in the folder location.

To prevent this restriction and to have the image implanted into the HYPERSTEELPAGEHEADER use to copy & paste option.

Advance Steel HYPERSTEEL PAGEHEADER copy Paste

1. Open the image in paint, use the Ctrl+A, to select just the image. It will be highlighted around edges.

2. Use Ctrl+C. Go back to the HYPERSTEEPAGEHEADER and, type Pastespec in the command line.

The Paste Special dialog box will be displayed.

Advance Steel HYPERSTEEL PAGEHEADER Paste special

3. Highlight Paintbrush picture text in the window.

4. Select OK

5. Place the image within the HYPERSTEELPAGEHEADER

6. Scale, Size, and move the image by grips


Additionally, you can copy text from a .dwg file and use the Ctrl+Shift+C (Copy with basepoint) option to copy and paste to embed the text into the HYPERSTEELPAGEHEADER.

You need to synchronize the changes back to the HYPERSTEELPAGEHEADER.


1. Type “ATTSYNC” in the command line. Type or select the letter S

2. You will be prompted to “select a block” which is the HYPERSTEELPAGEHEADER.

3. Select the HYPERSTEELPAGEHEADER, when prompted type Yes at the command line.

4. You will see on the command line that the ATTSYNC is complete!

The drawings created using the modified prototype will now have the image and text.



1. Select the HYPERSTEELPAGEFRAME, right click, and choose Block Editor.

2. Make your changes to the HYPERSTEELPAGEFRAME.

3. When the customization is complete close the Block Editor.

Advance Steel HYPERSTEEL PAGEHEADER Block Editor

4. Save the changes to HYPERSTEELPAGEFRAME.


Save the HYPERSTEELPAGEHEADER and close the file.

The Prototype will be saved to the default location C:\ProgramData \Autodesk\ Advance Steel 2020\ USA\ Shared\ Support\ Prototypes.

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