How to add a section size to the section type stair macro

It is easy to add a section size to an already existing section class in Advance Steel 2018. See the example of the workflow below.

We will add an angle size L1X1X1/4 to the Tread dimensions 2 Angle profile size.

 Advance Steel 2018 Angle Profile Size


1. Open the ASMT                                                                       

     Advance Steel 2018 ASMT icon.png


2. Select the Table editor

Advance Steel 2018 Table Editor.png


3. Select the ODBC to open the databases and select AstorProfiles category.

 Advance Steel 2018 Astor Profile.png


4. Expand the AstorProfiles category and scroll to zzzObsolete_EXT_AISC_Angle_equal from the first window.

Advance Steel 2018 Astor Profile Angle equal


5. In the second window scroll to L1X1X1/4, highlight the row, right click and select copy.

Advance Steel 2018 EXT AISC14 Angle equal

6. Scroll up to EXT_AISC14_Angle_equal and highlight it in the first window.


7.Scroll down to the last row and paste the properties second window

Advance Steel 2018 EXT AISC14 Angle equal2


8. Go to the Home tab and select the Defaults category and select the icon Load Settings in Advance

Advance Steel 2018 ASMT Load settings.png


9. Go to the Model and Update Defaults

Advance Steel 2018 Angle L1X1X1 4



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