How to Change an Incorrect Phase Number in Advance Steel


hsm 2018 badge 256pxHere is the dilemma, you have created a structure in phases and notice that some elements of the structure don’t reflect the phase. In fact, the piece marks are displaying the wrong phase number in the Model browser and the drawings they were created on.
What do you do, certainly not renumber the entire structure?

Advance Steel allows you to remove the numbering and information from the problematic elements using the Toggle switch display SP/MP tool located on the Output tab, Part marks panel.

1. Select the elements in the structure with the problematic piece marks.
2. Select the Toggle switch display SP/MP. This removes the marks for the single and main part marks of the selected elements.
3. Then select the third icon to delete the SP/MP piece marks. Keep in mind that If you do not select any elements, the numbers of all the parts in the entire model structure will be deleted.
Take note that parts with the same mark are managed internally as a group. If the mark of a part is changed, then all the other part marks within a group will change.
To avoid this, use the Un-group identical parts icon. This tool extracts parts from such a group.
4. Select the middle icon Un-group identical parts to remove and ungroup the pieces.
5. Renumber the selection using the same numbering process, however change the: Process Preliminary mark Start from 1 to 3
6. Change the Process single parts Start from 1 to 3
7. Change the Process assemblies parts Start from 1 to 3
8. Select OK.
For this example, the Assemble drawing,1CA565, the first number should be the phase, the second number should be the Mainpart prefix for the column then the counter for the element. However, the phase should be reading 3CA565 not 1CA565.
Watch the video below to see how you can change incorrect phase numbers:

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