How to change prompts in Advance Steel Databases

While teaching fundamental training in Advance Steel years ago, several clients mentioned that the prompt for some toolsets was a little concerning and wondered if they should comply with the standard prompts that other 3D software commonly share.

Might I advocate the rebranding of Master for Parent and Slave for Child for the prompts when using the “Create joint in a joint group” toolset in Advance Steel with a short video.  

This is a fantastic tool to leverage time when multiple connections of the same family are implemented, and a change is required. It would be great to see this easy change implemented in the next release/ fix or update of Advance Steel.



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Simply change the Error text in Advance Steel Management tools AstorControlStructure sub heading ErrorMessages, Error numbers 31,225 and 31,226. Error message 31,227 requires changes from the Error text column and the note column.

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 Watch the video here

For additional information, Graitec customers may contact their local support teams.

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