How to show holes on folded plate on drawings using Advance Steel 2018

Have you ever created a folded plate using the with or without position adjustment tool then used the holes option from the Objects Tab Switch panel to create holes on various surfaces of the plate?

You then create the shop drawings, you realize after drawing creation some of your holes were missing on some of the faces of the folded plate.

Annoying to the max, however you can show the holes in the folded plate by adjusting the values in the properties of the plate and also in the Advance Steel Management Tools.

This is an issue that surfaces time and time again.

In Advance Steel, it is possible to have the missing holes display again, this is done from the Advance Steel Management Tools, aka ASMT.

When you open the Advance Steel Management Tools you must select the Default category. You will see a Window pop up. Simply check the box “Use filter” type “Fold” select General, sub category General.

Advance Steel 2018 ASMT holes in folded plates

After expanding the arrow adjacent to the title, you will see an extensive list of expansion methods for unfolding.

Simply make the changes of your choice.

Remember to load settings in Advance Advance Steel 2018 advance button settings and Update Defaults back in the model Advance Steel Update Defaults icon

You can now benefit from the knowledge of how to display missing holes from the folded plates.


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